Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Valentine "Thank You" Jar Of Joy

Last Valentine's Day, Traci Curtis wanted to do something to show her appreciation to her daughter's kindergarten teacher, and decided to also include the entire class.

A few weeks before the holiday, she sent three paper hearts home with each student and asked them -- and their parents --to write a brief note of thanks on each.

Then she filled what she called, "The Jar Of Joy" (a plastic jar with pink and red hearts, with a snug lid) with enough notes that the teacher could read one per day until the school year ended.

This would be a great idea for Valentine's Day, and not just for your child's teacher. I think that you you could do this for a co-worker, friend, family member or even have your daughters friends write how much they appreciate her! (which I think that I will do for mine this year!) oh, and a few gals in my homeschool meet up group!

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