Thursday, January 15, 2009

BLAST CALORIES (While You Give Back)

Want to feel the sun on your face this summer, shrink your waist, and help the environment? Give one of these eco friendly activities a try.

Team up the Gramd Canyon Trust Volunteers: on a free six day backpacking trip to remove invasive trees from the banks of the Paria River. You'll work your entire body and burn 500 calories per hour. Go to for information.

Take to the woods with the American Hiking Society: on a week long vacation in a state or nation park ($245, including lodging and meals:
Between hiking and clearing paths, shoveling and repairing walls, you'll work off 480 calories an hour.

Give the seafloor a sweet during the Ocean Conservancy: International Coastal Cleanup. On September 20, colunteers will scuba dive for debris, torching 240 calories per half hour in the process. For information, visit,

Gather you pals for a day of canoeing for the American Rivers: National River Cleanup. Log on to and you'll get free bags to collect trash that ends up in our waterways. Bonus: paddling ticks away more than 200 calories per hour!

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