Tuesday, October 28, 2008


If you, like millions, use a debit card to pay for your day to day expenses like food, gas and other routine purchases, switch to a credit card that has a great rewards program. And (this is VERY important) be sure that you pay your statement balance on time each month.

You may want to put a reminder of the due date on your calendar. Rewards cards carry much higher interest, so if you let a balance roll over from month to month, the interest you pay will eat up any rewards cash you earn.

Because the cards vary, look for one that gives cash back on gas and food purchases, and read the FINE PRINT.

Go to http://www.indexcreditcards.com/ for a current listing of cash back rewards cards.

If the card you get, gives back 6% on gas and grocery purchases, plus 1% on everything else, that adds up, and will be reflected as a credit on your statement. If you buy 40 gallons of gas each month at $4 a gallon, 6% cash back is $9.60. A family of four that spends $400 in groceries for the month could expect $24 cash back!

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